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CorgiRO is a new, Pre-Renewal Mid-Rate Ragnarok Online custom server dedicated to putting the "paw" back in "paw-some". We offer up-to-date game play (if you're looking for official content), as well as our own CorgiRO Custom Content for players to discover. Our experienced staff hails from all over the world, and we welcome players from all regions. There's always something to do, so come Join The Pack!

We donate 50% of the donations we receive each month to a different No-Kill animal shelter.


  • Level Caps for base and job level are 150/70
  • Maximum Base Stats are 130 for transcendent classes
  • Experience Rates are 50x/50x and 75x/75x on the weekends
  • Party EXP Share has a range of 30 levels
  • Variable Drop Rates:
  • Cards (0.5%)
  • MVP Drops (10x)
  • Equips (20x)
  • Consumables (10x)
  • Custom Player @commands:
  • Our custom CorgiRO commands include @mapwarp, @mw, @mapw, @go, @autoloot, @alootid, @storage, @guildstorage, @mobinfo, @iteminfo, @whodrops, @hominfo, @homstats, @duel, @autotrade, and many others! Use @commands in-game for a full list.


Here are some of the cool features CorgiRO currently offers. New content is also constantly being added by our professional developer team. Stay up to date here!

  • Doram Class
  • New playable character race
  • Multi-Class Master
  • Unlock special rewards and class options when you reach max level
  • PVP
  • Battlegrounds and Woe
  • PVM Instances
  • Endless Tower, Cursed Baphomet, LHZ4 available
  • Corgers NPC
  • A completely custom quest line for new players
  • 3rd Class Skill Quest
  • Unlock certain 3rd class skills for each class
  • Mystic Gems
  • Collect them for passive stats
  • Premium Tool Dealer
  • Sells Grape Juice and other quality of life items
  • Events
  • Automated and GM run custom events
  • Super Quest Items
  • Special quests for endgame gear you can unlock via the custom Valhalla Arena Instance
  • Fashionista NPC
  • Dozens of headgears and some special items available for crafting
  • Premium Costumes and Color Palettes
  • Costume headgears and hundreds of clothing palettes to choose from

We are an international server that welcomes players from all regions, no matter your race, gender, or sexual orientation.